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In less than six months time, we set up a precast plant covering a total area of 75,000 square feet. Our plant, deployed to manufacture precast elements has some of the best facilities in the world. Around 20,000 square feet of precast elements can be produced every day in this plant, a sizable quantity in terms of construction.

Step by step procedure explaining the manufacture of precast elements:

To begin with, pallets or platforms (imported from Germany) of dimensions 12.5 meters X 4 meters arethoroughly cleaned and well oiled. Pallets are then moved to the station where marking is done. The total time taken at the first station to finish this activity is around 20 minutes.

Once marking is done, palletsare movedto the compaction station and they are now under a spreader. Here, the appropriate shuttering and reinforcement are put into place on the pallets. From the batching plant concrete is poured into the spreader, which in turn pours it onto the pallets. The three dimensional vibration system fitted in, ensures thorough compaction of concrete. Post compaction, the pallets are moved to the curing chamber.

Finally we enter the last station of this circulation system called the tilting station. The cured precast elements are put onto specially designed racks. The quality of the finished product is comparable to the best in the world.Once the precast elements are out of the factory, they are brought on a trailer using the 40 ton gantry cranes and transported to site.