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Before getting into the technicalities of precast technology, a small recollection of how Sobha adapted this method of construction might be in order. We knew there were thousands of young professionals looking to invest in a home with Sobha. So we pondered upon the idea of delivering affordable homes without compromising on quality.

Our trip to Finland in 2013 baffled us, when we realized that homes built there in the 50’s and 60’s using precast technology were still in exceptional condition. The homes built during the 70’s and 80’s in Singapore too were in great shape thanks to precast method of construction. Statistics noted that 99 percent of homes in Singapore were built using precast technology.

Though India has been using precast technology in construction for quite some time, the scope is primarily limited to bridges, dams, metros and so forth. The use of this method of construction is not popular within the residential segment. Hence we decided to adapt precast technology to deliver affordable homes of high quality.

We zeroed in on two agencies, Van Boxsel in Netherlands and Robin Village in Singapore to partner with us and take our initiative forward. We realized that precast technology demanded a lot of planning, because once the architectural drawings and MEP services were in place, no more changes could be made. We decided to address this issue by having an in-house architectural team, structural team and MEP services team.

Do read the second part of this blog for a comprehensive understanding of precast technology.

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