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Transform your ordinary bathroom in to a 5 star loo !

For most of us Indians it’s a taboo to bring up a discussion on the simplest biological function of our human body i.e. taking a dump. We shhh, cringe or immediately digress in to another subject. It is no wonder that this discomfort reflects directly in the way we up keep our bathrooms.
Let us go ahead and make our bathrooms equally inviting and fabulous. Here are quick fire tips to spruce up your most intimate space in to a 5 star wonder.

  • 1. Keeping it Clean & Smelling like Daisies – The most fundamental task is to make your bathroom an inviting space is keeping it clean & smelling good. Use fresh flowers inside to give it a touch of class.
  • 2. Art in Bathrooms – Many of us believe a piece of art belongs only in the living rooms where we carry ourselves with decorum. Place a piece of art in the bathroom and see how transformational it can be in your life.
  • 3. Keep it white – Bathrooms painted in lighter hues make it instantly brighter and more appealing than making it a dark, dingy corner of your house where guests dare not go.
  • 4. Mirror, Mirror on the wall – The center piece of any good bathroom is its Mirror. Framing your mirror will adds more character.
  • 5. Shower heads – A good shower head will transform your bath time in to a spa like experience than a mere chore that you need to finish before leaving to work or before going to bed.
  • 6. Monogramed Towels – How about monogramming your regular bath towels and hand towels with your spouse’s & your initials? It will make your bathroom look like a million bucks
  • 7. Wall papers or designer tiles – A touch of gold here or a splash of metallic there will kill the monotony and burst life into your otherwise boring bathroom routine
  • 8. Magazine rack – Most tend to read whilst they unload so why not have a magazine holder or a rack and stack it up with some quick fire reads which can get your grey cells firing.

These are just a few ways to transform your bathroom in to a 5 star loo! Time to get cleaning.

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