Buying my first home in Sobha Dream Acres is my first startup sobha


A Sobha apartment is #myfirststartup

Earlier this year, I finally invested in a home. After many years of my parents encouraging me, convincing me and finally threatening me to invest. The truth is being constantly updated with so many property related nightmare stories the last thing I wanted is to deal with an ordinary builder and with the hassles of owning a home.

It’s by sheer luck that I came to know of Sobha Dream Acres. When I found out that these apartments were being sold at a reasonable price and that too by a reputed developer like Sobha who’s known for on-time project handover, and that the project was in a prime location in East Bangalore, I grabbed on the opportunity to invest. This way, I finally got to put my parent’s mouths to rest as well. Lol.

Investing in a home is exactly like beginning a startup, I completely agree. Once you’ve decided to take up the challenge, it requires full-time dedication and determination to see it through. Especially when we know our life is going to change with the month after month of EMI’s but we have to follow through dedicatedly from start to finish. Only then can we reap the benefits of our hard work.

This surely looks like a year of many firsts. Sponsoring India’s first ‘Bangalore Startup Marathon’ as well as starting up this project as far as Sobha is concerned. And for me, investing in #myfirststartup and maybe next up will be me getting married. Who knows?! My parent’s devious ways of grounding me, seem to be coming true one by one. Lol.

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