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  • All exposed columns in parking bays are painted with acrylic paint and protected from chipping using fenders at #SobhaDreamAcres
  • High quality Vacuum Dewatering Floor (VDF) at #SobhaDreamAcres provides an even surface, increases abrasion resistance by 60% reducing wear and tear of the floor and help in smooth flow of water towards drain.
  • #SobhaDreamAcres provides unique car park size with wider driveways (5.50m) making maneuvering easier for large cars too.
  • Safety has always been our top most priority. #SobhaDreamAcres comes with dedicated fire exit staircase for all of its homes.
  • PAINTBALL TOURNAMENT AT SOBHA DREAM ACRES Under Sobha Privilege banner, the third edition of Paintball is scheduled to be held on 25 February 2017 with the entire Sobha Dream Acres family invited. In this special edition, the winner walks away with Rs. 10,000* and the runner up walks away with Rs. 5,000*. Booked Customers are requested to fill the below mentioned form:
  • All wiring and other electrical fixtures are of the best quality available. In addition, all of them have to pass our own tests before installation #SobhaDreamAcres
  • High quality ceramic flooring in common areas and lifts of reputed making at #SobhaDreamAcres
  • #SobhaDreamAcres apartments have adequate lighting and ventilation throughout.
  • #SobhaDreamAcres wishes you all a #HappyValentinesDay
  • #SobhaDreamAcres has a full-length wardrobe in master bedroom making it a cozy and tidy home.
  • Full sized children’s bedroom with a full-length wardrobe space at #SobhaDreamAcres
  • Luxurious master bedroom with an attached bathroom for comfortable living #SobhaDreamAcres
  • Balcony and utility/ washing machine area with every apartment at #SobhaDreamAcres
  • #SobhaDreamAcres provides a lavish parallel kitchen with a separate dining area. You can also avail for ‘unlock and live’ package for more details click the link below
  • Plastic emulsion paint for walls and ceiling in special chosen colours #SobhaDreamAcres

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