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  • Percolation pits are provided to recharge underground water at #SobhaDreamAcres.
  • Rainwater harvesting systems are installed at all Sobha properties. They increase the ground water table and also reduce the requirement of external fresh water supplies.
  • Every #Sobha home has features that make it highly energy efficient. #SobhaDreamAcres uses solar energy to cut down on the consumption of electricity.
  • Insulation reduces heat by up to 30K which minimizes the thermal expansion and contraction preventing formation of cracks. #SobhaDreamAcres
  • The terrace at #SobhaDreamAcres is coated with a layer of 50mm expanded polystyrene. This provides thermal insulation and increases comfort for those living on the upper floors.
  • When it comes to finishing details, we leave not stone unturned. #SobhaDreamAcres blend together the design and convenience into little details.
  • All ledge walls and wash basin counters have granite coping at #SobhaDreamAcres to enhance the aesthetic of homes. utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Post&utm_content=17022017&utm_campaign=paid
  • At #SobhaDreamAcres all service lines are concealed within shafts giving it a tidy and elegant look.
  • No columns and beams are projected within the rooms at #SobhaDreamAcres
  • #SobhaDreamAcres wishes you all a joyous and colorful #Holi
  • #Sobha manufactures its own blocks, pavers, kerbstones, doors, windows to maintain the high standards of quality at #SobhaDreamAcres
  • At #SobhaDreamAcres all horizontal surface finish like windowsills and parapet wall tops are done with granite slabs for easy maintenance and aesthetic appeal.
  • Silicon is filled between the door architraves and the walls to prevent cracking and enhance visual experience at #SobhaDreamAcres
  • #Dream in progress! Here is the construction status of #SobhaDreamAcres for the month of March.
  • #SobhaDreamAcres provides weather strip on doors and windows to keep them protected and increases their overall life.
  • #SobhaDreamAcres congratulates Gaurav Kulkarni, the winner of Privilege Lucky Draw held on 21st Feb, 2017. The winner gets 3Days & 2Nights in Munnar, Kerala.

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