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  • The well polished main door of a #SobhaDreamAcres house has an apartment plate number and magic eye piece to ensure that you have not only found a home but a family as well.
  • With about 3 layers of waterproofing, #SobhaDreamAcres is concerned and committed in preventing clogged bathrooms just as how much you are.
  • Suspended ceilings in the bathrooms at #SobhaDreamSeries adaptable to your future renovation plans.
  • The lamposts and corridors of all the #SobhaDreamAcres properties have solar powered backups.
  • Making the most out of the sun is one strategy of #Sobha to conserve energy for future generations.
  • #SobhaDreamAcres has its eye on the latest architectural trends with granite architrave designs in lifts, lobbies and staircases.
  • At #Sobha the rain water harvesting helps to maintain the ground water table.
  • You do not have to go for the tried and tested to conceal those uneven joints in your door frames if you choose us. #SobhaDreamSeries
  • #Sobhadreamacres makes its own hollow blocks for safer electric wiring in your buildings.
  • Skylights at #Sobhadreamacres ensure that natural light can easily access into the nooks and crannies of basements.
  • Parking lanes are wide enough to maneuver bigger vehicles. #SobhaDreamAcres
  • GI extended mesh is used at #SobhaDreamAcres to prevent the forming of cracks at junctions of concrete and masonry.
  • At #Sobha organic waste is converted into manure, Which is used for landscaping.
  • Every #Sobha property has its own plant to remover the hardness from the water.
  • With the largest woodworking facilities in the country, #SobhaDreamAcres offers both-sided laminated doors, with timber frame & architraves
  • Your big plans need big canvas.#SobhaDreamAcres provides you enough space with its master plan stretched over 81 acres.

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