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Precast Technology

Precast concrete is produced by casting concrete in a reusable mould. It is cured in a controlled environment, transported to site and lifted into place. It is highly versatile, available in vast range of different sizes, functions and finishes.


Covering 76,000 sq. ft, it is India's largest onsite precast plant. It will give us maximum flexibility and best control over processes and timelines - allowing us to complete construction up to 25% faster than if we used conventional methods. It uses the world's best precast technology from companies in Germany and Italy. It can produce an average of 20,000 sq. ft. worth of precast elements every day.

But how did this all start? Our trip to Finland in 2013 made us realize that they had been using precast technology to build homes, since the 50’s. Our next stop in Singapore surprised us further, when we were told that 99 percent of their homes were built using precast technology. So we decided to infuse this technology in India into the residential segment.

So we started working towards our goal a year and half ago. We had to identify the best in class plant and machineries. We opted for a 90 year old precast specialist from Germany called Vollert to set up the precast plant. In addition, we got a batching plant set up from one of the best companies in the world called Leibherr.

The advantages of precast technology

Our precast construction can offer many advantages over the traditional cast-in-place methods. Both, homebuyers and the nation as a whole benefit from precast technology. Since this technology enables faster completion of projects, the financial burdens on the homebuyers are reduced. And thanks to increased financial circulation, the nation’s GDP witnesses an upward trend.