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#myfirststartup would be my first job.

It’s been 5 years now since my first job, and yet I remember it all too well, as though it happened just yesterday. Brought up in a home where every rupee was responsibly accounted for, I just couldn’t wait to start working and splurge! I’d be spending on truck loads of socks for all I cared. What was more important was the act of being able to spend, guilt-free.

So, soon after college, I put together a CV and started applying. Fresh-blooded, eager-to-please and with-no-real-salary-expectations, I was the ideal candidate. So when I was informed I’d be getting Rs.9000 for the first 3 months as an Intern in Advertising, and later upon reviewing my performance that it could go up to Rs.12,000 I was over-the-top ecstatic. I believed I’d found my life’s calling.

The first salary went in treating family and friends. The second salary went in shopping for new clothes for work. By the time the third salary hit my account, everything changed. Suddenly, I found myself weighing my decisions on how and where to spend. My dreams of splurging for the rest of my life seemed far-fetched, distant and outright irresponsible.

#myfirststartup was supposed to free me, but instead it started transporting me into adulthood. Suddenly, I seemed to have a new found respect for my hard-earned money. Suddenly, I totally understood my parent’s behavior. #myfirststartup taught me the value of hard work and being disciplined.

I believe #myfirststartup is probably the reason I have savings today and am at the verge of buying a home very soon. In fact a 2 bedroom apartment at Sobha Dream Acres is among my shortlisted homes. So when I saw this #myfirststartup blog invite from Sobha, I simply had to write in, especially because of the strange coincidence in timing. Here’s wishing good luck to us both and many more homes in the future.

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