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Out with the old in with the new, moving/ relocating are exciting & anxious times equally. Your emotions are riding on a rollercoaster. Moving into a new home from your current place of residence is not as simple as it’s made to seem.

Old neighbors who are now friends or even family need to be left behind and you ought to acquaint yourself with new neighbors. In all this you have to carry the memories of your old home in to your new home unharmed and unscratched.

Here is a checklist to help you in making this transition a little simpler so you can focus on biding adieu to your old neighbors and holding a going away party:

A month to moving day

Book your Packers & Movers company and choose carefully. Establish your budget, obtain a written quote

Dispose of everything that you don't need

Check any moving instructions for all your appliances with the respective manufacturer

Weeks to Moving Day

Contact all relevant authorities to notify of your new address

Arrange transfer of essential services to the new address

Discontinue any delivery services, newspapers & local memberships if any

Arrange time off work on moving day

The Day Before

Pack personal luggage / items to take with you. Have some cash on hand for last minute expenses

Say good - bye to your old neighbors

On Moving Day

Have an “ESSENTIALS” box on hand

Check off all items as they go into the moving van

Lock all doors and windows, turn off hot water system if required

Your New Home

Check all utilities are connected, hot water service on

At completion of unloading, check all is to your satisfaction

Check that you have all keys and relevant instructions to your new residence from the developer

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