Your International Holiday, is it your First Start Up sobha


My first international travel on my own money was #myfirststartup

I’ve been bitten by the travel bug for as long as I can remember. Even during college days I would just ride off with the guys over the weekend with no destination in mind. And guys being guys we didn’t really care. It was all about getting away, the love of riding and zero drama. Many times we simply tented it out in the wilderness.

My first international trip was different though. For starters there were girlfriends involved. And secondly, we were actually blocking out moneys. From air tickets to Sri Lanka, to home stays, to itineraries were planned out. This is also where the similarity to a startup begins. PLANNING is crucial. Especially when you are responsible for something or someone - in this case, girls were involved, and it was definitely unsafe to be in an unknown country without booking our stays in advance. In the same way, no startup would function well without some serious planning going into it.

Planning out our itinerary earlier itself also helped us figure how much to save, and how much the entire trip would cost us. This way we were able to enjoy a smooth and hassle free trip. The girls were able to do their shopping. And most importantly we had peace of mind, HAHA, and so had the time of our lives. In a startup setup too this is extremely important so you don’t run out of funds unknowingly, as this would also mean the end of the business.


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