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My pet will always be #myfirststartup

I was about 13 years old when my first ever pet found me. It was just another day. I went to school, got back and was busy yapping with mom as she was chopping up veggies for dinner, when my eye suddenly caught a movement. And there it was. The cutest little caterpillar.

Having spotted it almost at the exact moment I did, and reading the thought on my mind before I could even say it, my mother asked me to throw off the caterpillar into the bin. And spoke about how itchy little creatures like these shouldn’t be touched. Like a good girl I volunteered. No sooner had I reached the bin, when the caterpillar and I had one eye to eye moment. I quickly looked for a plastic container. Tucked it along with the veggie into it, hid it in my room and went back to mom.

After dinner that night, I went and checked on the caterpillar, which by now looked very comfortable and well-rested in its new home. And thus started our relationship. Every day I’d rob mom’s kitchen off chopped tit bits to feed my green friend. Until soon, it looked like a miniature jungle, rich with vegetables and leaves. I would also keep my alarm at 4 am every day, so I could take my caterpillar for a stroll as it was cooped up in the container all day. Besides, dad was an early riser and I needed to hit the bed, before he was up at 5.

I suddenly discovered a whole new side to me. I was capable of being committed and responsible and nurturing. I guess the same principles apply to a startup as well. Everything that means something to us, demands our 100 per cent dedication and attention. And you guys are so right when you said… at every phase of our life we are part of a startup, just that we never look at it that way.

Thank you for this opportunity to write in. This surely was a long forgotten startup story. But I can never really forget the lessons in self-discovery this little caterpillar taught me.

P.S. My pet didn’t stay with me for long. For soon, it transformed into a beautiful butterfly and flew away.

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