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What wakes you up every morning in your ‘’perfect” home? Is it the first ray of morning sunshine, or the loud ring of your annoying alarm? Are you able to take a sip of your morning tea with a view from your balcony? a view that looks right into the crowded market or a busy street, well you don’t really mind, do you? But would you cross your heart and call this your Pehla Perfect Ghar or even close to it? Not quite so, isn’t it? You do wish you had more curtains to draw, more blinds to unfold, more doors to open, letting the warm sunlight and the fresh air into your luxury apartment.

A home, even if it’s a 1bhk flat or a 2bhk residential apartment, with good ventilation it brings in positive energy, creating a pleasant atmosphere for the people living the house. It brings in a sense of joy and contentment, as the home is bright and fresh. Your electricity bills are reduced as well as you don’t have to use the artificial lights till the sun goes down. A good ventilated house keeps your energy levels up, as opposed to a dark and dingy house that makes you feel lethargic and inefficient. Yeah, that’s why you sleep more.

The structure of your house should comfortably permit cross ventilation as the stale air needs to be let out. It is also important for your body to take in the fresh air. Your eyes are less strained as you don’t have to constantly use the artificial lights for your daily chores. The elders and the children in the house can enjoy the warmth of the sun from the comfort of your own balcony instead of going to the terrace five floors above you. It is also important that you enjoy a peaceful atmosphere once in a while. The children in your house need silence when they study, the elders need their quota of silence to rest and recover. Even you need some peace of mind, at the end of the day.

These kinds of homes are not found everywhere especially when you want to buy an apartment in Bangalore, a busy and populated city. But what if I told you that you will be able to find your dream home with the perfect ventilation and the perfect view. What if I told you that your perfect home is right around the corner? The home that wakes you up with the warmth of dawn. The home that lets you step out in a perfect view. The home that lets you feel energetic. The home that saves electricity. The home that makes you happy. Aapka Pehla Perfect Ghar is what Sobha Dream Series is providing. Sobha Dream Series will assist you to secure your perfect home in the city of Bangalore with a perfect view and ventilation.
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