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The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on everyone all over the world. The economy has taken one of the largest hits and most companies are finding it very hard to stay afloat. Most industries faced unprecedented challenges like labour & cash flow shortage, fewer or no customers, and consequently, declining sales. This is true especially in the industrial sector, which was unable to complete its projects due to restricted movement. The real-estate companies which were dependent on external suppliers for their resources were in a bind. That was not the case with SOBHA Dream Series, as SOBHA is a company that is built around the model of self-reliance. This enabled them to work through the lockdown and deliver dream homes to their customers on time.

So, what does self-reliance mean in this case? This will probably become clearer to you as you understand how the company works.

Best business practices

A large part of these practices includes thorough communication, improvement of skills, enhanced quality of work, and more. While all companies work to meet their objectives in the most efficient way possible, SOBHA Dream Series has a whole new approach. Backward integration is what drives their projects and ensures the effective use of resources. This implies that they are in control of their projects from start to finish. From procuring materials, to putting finishing touches on a building, everything is taken care of by SOBHA employees. Every detail is carefully checked, and quality is never compromised. This is easily achieved with the help of their in-house architects, trained workmen, and the carefully chosen materials. Overall, this technique makes the company completely self-reliant and able to work even during the most adverse times.

Strong product portfolio

SOBHA Dream Series has a very balanced portfolio as they carefully record their products and this helps them easily analyse their success rate. This, in turn, lets them pinpoint their areas of improvement which they have worked on over the past 25 years. They now have a very strong

portfolio which allows their smart homes to cater to everyone. They constructed a range of beautiful apartment complexes each of which has a different theme and is constructed over several acres.

Sobha Dream Series 1 BHK and 2 BHK flats are options perfect for bachelors or families. These apartments are packed with amenities such as swimming pools, clubhouses, sporting areas, and more. Most importantly, they have essential services such as grocery stores located inside the gated community. The wide variety of apartments, at the best prices, are a perfect fit for all income groups.

Sterling consumer connect

A solid customer base is a very effective asset to have in order to grow a business and in this regard, SOBHA is on top of its game. They always keep their customers in the loop with regard to their upcoming projects or renovations to the older ones. Being very active on social media and attending to any issues a customer or potential customer may have has been instrumental in building strong customer relationships.

Specifically, they have a customer portal where a customer ledger provides project progress.

They also receive feedback through this portal. They take a keen interest in the lives of their customers too. SOBHA helps clients be self-reliant by monitoring the financing towards their home and helps them take charge of their issues by reporting any discrepancies they detect.

Creating industry benchmarks

Even after being an industry leader in their field, SOBHA still goes the whole 9 yards. They are committed to building urban spaces for people to live, work, and play and are always on the lookout for the most intelligent, sustainable solutions. For example, their precast technology creates reusable panels that are environmentally friendly. Internally, the firm is always updating their working structure as well as their workmanship skills in order to keep their workforce highly and relevantly skilled always. Their self-reliant approach, which allows them to function even during these uncertain times is a huge step up from the average benchmark.

The concept of “SOBHA Academy”, a training program for their workers, backward vertical integration, sole land ownership, and their advanced technology, all work in tandem to keep the brand self-reliant. They also believe in self-sustainability at a community and individual level and do their best to help their customers towards it.

The apartments are located in prime locations in Bangalore, in close proximity to hospitals, educational institutions, tech parks, and shopping complexes. A perfect example being the SOBHA Dream Gardens project located off Thanisandra Road or SOBHA Dream Acres located at Varthur Road. SOBHA Dream Gardens and SOBHA Dream Acres, both, have all the essential services located within the gates of the community and provide a friendly neighborhood, thus giving buyers the complete package.

SOBHA’s holistic self-reliance model has made the company capable of ensuring continuity of operations during an unprecedented global crisis, making your home a certainty in times of uncertainty.

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