How to Make Your Kitchen Space Stylish and Practical - Sobha Dream Series sobha



Kitchen is the one such space where we want all things organized and clean. It is always easier said than done.

Here are few steps you can take to make your kitchen more practical:

  • 1. Get rid of all the unwanted utensils & crockery. The more stuff you have, the harder it gets to make your kitchen practical and efficient
  • 2. Plan your appliances based on current needs and do not keep it lying around for intended future use. Pack it up and keep it storage in case a need arises for later
  • 3. Kitchen design should ensure minimum movement and should follow a flow which would allow you to move around the kitchen seamlessly from prepping to cooking to cleaning
  • 4. Storage within the kitchen is an equally important aspect. Make sure your storage is east to access and designed to maximize space utilization
  • 5. The places where kitchens get dirty are the surfaces where prepping and cooking happens. So ensure the surfaces you install are rigid and easy to clean once done
  • 6. Ensure easy segregation of wet & dry waste at the source. Plan a drop hole on the kitchen surface right next to the prep area to drop of all the peels & cuts of meats/ vegetables and fruits
  • 7. Label each cabinet & the boxes inside the cabinet so that it saves time from searching for items whilst cooking
  • 8. Get a drawer organizer to organize all your utensils needed on a regular basis

One should on a constant basis reevaluate the needs of items within their kitchen. This will help you to not only organize your kitchen but also to keep the naughty bugs away. Think practical and be efficient.

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