How to choose the Perfect lighitng Setup for each room sobha


Lighting up your home correctly, can light up your life!

We are always too busy in getting our new homes looking pretty and all, but we forget what can make your new home from look great to looking awesome! That is lighting.

Normally when we talk about lighting we talk in very general terms like natural lighting which comes from the sun and artificial lighting which we use during the night. Beyond this we usually are not aware of different types of artificial lighting.

There are 3 basic types of artificial lighting which work together in your homes:

  • 1. Ambient lighting [general lighting]
  • 2. Task
  • 3. Accent

Any good lighting plan combines all three to bring out the best.

To make lighting efficient you need to do the following:

  • 1. Take a look at your new home and observe the natural light pattern throughout the day
  • 2. Plan your art pieces, highlights and walls elements where you can accentuate them through natural or artificial lights
  • 3. Make sure your kids room are well lit and they have a good task lighting to do their studies comfortably
  • 4. Kitchen is another area which needs ample lighting to see what you are cutting, chopping, hence ensure your work area is evenly lit
  • 5. Ensure you have warm ambient lighting in your living room. This makes your living room cozy and pleasant to be in

Whilst there are many aspects to efficient lighting, highlighted above are just a few. While lighting please consider your work & lifestyle within your home to achieve maximum efficiency with lighting. If all this doesn’t motivate, an efficient lighting system can bring down your electricity cost by up to 30%.

Happy Lighting!

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