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Cooking is #myfirststartup

I’m told I used to love helping mum with her cooking when I was just 2 years old. She would take me to the kitchen with a bag of toys, so that I could play as she cooked. But soon, the toys were replaced with real vegetables. And because she knew I enjoyed it so much, she would let me mix stuff using my bare hands which was always such messy fun. When dad would come home in the evening, she would tell him how she and I made the dish together. I would be grinning ear-to-ear with pride as if all the cooking was done by me. By 6 years, I could make my own sandwiches and would even help mum by chopping up vegetables for salads. Summer vacations were my favorite time, as I could spend more time in the kitchen watching mum cooking and trying out new dishes. Most other times there’d be so much homework and studies that I would hardly get time to do anything else.

Mum always asked my opinion on every new dish she prepared. I also made it a point to pay her my compliments and give her my honest opinion on every single dish she’s ever cooked for me. Honesty and love are virtues that are crucial to running any startup to success. I can say with absolute certainty that because I’ve invested years and years of love into #myfirststartup, I’ve been enjoying quite a popular young adult life. My home is always flooded with friends and family, and filled with sounds of laughter. People love coming over as much as I love cooking for them. So it’s a win-win situation. It always is.

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