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Social Service! Social Service! Social Service! #myfirststartup

I’m not sure if there is another more fulfilling experience than when we do social service. The joy and gratitude can be seen and experienced almost immediately. That’s all the encouragement we need to go about doing a good deed, on repeat. We (my husband and I) will never forget the look on those orphaned children’s faces as they ate away savoring every bit of the fried chicken and fried rice. Every minute of laboring in the kitchen was totally worth it.

You see, my little girl had turned 2, and we wanted to do something more meaningful this year. Rather than treat the have’s we decided to treat the have-nots. We are also trying to teach her that birthdays don’t necessarily have to be about receiving, but can also be about giving. It was such a proud moment, to watch her, give away gifts to the 13 children at the orphanage. Even in a start-up every day comes with its own joy, without a doubt. Because we know how much ever we do, we are actually working towards growing our own brand and not someone else’s. Life should be about such meaningful startups. That’s what eventually makes us the people we are.

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