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  • These 9 advanced technology systems will be so disruptive that it will change the world. Learn more about these future technology devices that are way ahead of time
  • 9 Disruptive Technologies Of This Century

    Future is uncertain but these groundbreaking technologies can actually change the way we live our life and that's certain. These advanced tools & machinery are indeed ahead of time. more

  • With these 9 smartphone technologies, you can control your home using just a phone. This home automation systems will change the way we live
  • 9 Futuristic Ways You Can Control Your Home Using Phone

    Owning a smartphone doesn't necessarily make you smart but by implementing these ways you'll definitely be smarter and ahead of time. more

  • Evolution of Technology has resulted in advancement in our day to day life. Share your future dream we’ll try to make it come true
  • Books to Kindle- What next?

    Technology is touching every part of our lives whether we realize or not. From reading to communicating, technology is transforming everything. more

  • A 3D bio printer that can print organs the can replace your biological organ. This can soon become reality with help of advanced technology.
  • Why not print an organ?

    Printing organ pictures was your childhood project, but now you can print actual organs. more

  • A construction marvel that is considered well ahead of time. This technology of the future, which rotates independently shifting view of outside world.
  • A building that can flex like humans!

    Dubai is well known for its madness. A new construction marvel coming up will redefine the heights of it. more

  • This future technology will help humans to download their brain into a computer and can make us live forever in virtual world.
  • Can one download a brain?

    Why upload to Cloud or Drive, when you can download directly from your brain. Read about this technology which we assure will blow your mind. more

  • With the help of smart home technology, you can control your home at your fingertips. These smart home system is way ahead of time
  • What is a perfect Smart Home?

    Smart home for smart people and all these with just a smartphone! Don't believe us? Have a look into this and you'll definitely be ahead of time. more

  • Imagine sitting in car on autopilot mode, do you think this is technology of the future? Let us know your thoughts about driverless car technology
  • Exciting world of driverless cars: For or Against?

    Technology has reached new heights, making lives comfortable in the process. The longest wait though has been for self-driven cars. more

  • Indian Construction Value is increasing by year. India needs sufficient investment in precast housing technology that would result in innovation in real estate industry
  • Why Is Investment In Precast Technology Important In Today's Context In India?

    India is a country which has never said no to innovations, we adopt and develop it for ourselves and construction industry is not an exception. more

  • These World’s most innovative companies are changing our lives. Access to gadgets of the future is pioneered by these innovative tech company
  • 9 Tech Companies On To Something Big

    Gone are the days when we would wait for years to witness something new in the market. Today is the age when companies announce ground breaking technologies every next day. more