Now this is what we call a startup success! sobha


Now this is what we call a startup success!

A few days ago, we asked you guys to share some #myfirststartup stories with us and since then we’ve been receiving an overwhelming response of blogs. Unfortunately we couldn’t post each and every one of them on our website and Facebook page, but it’s been a wonderful journey into the lives of so many of you out there. We at Sobha would like to thank every one of you for taking the time out to write to us.

As you know, it isn’t too long ago that we decided to keep aside our 20-year-old success formulae, and dared to do something new. And that’s how Sobha Dream Acres - a first-ever massive venture offering 6500+ units spread across 81 acres came into being. Located in the Golden Quadrilateral of Bangalore, it is the largest development in Bangalore East and has been our most challenging project ever. But that’s also what makes it exciting - these 1 & 2 bedroom apartments cater to a whole new segment - the young achievers of today, who dream of buying their first home.

Every single one of the blogs we’ve received is proof that through passion, focus and determination there’s absolutely nothing that can’t be achieved. Sobha Dream Acres with its whopping 1000 cr. business in the very first year of launching is one such example. If we can do it, so can each and every one of you.

Belief in our self is what it takes. Need some additional motivation? Join us at India’s first-ever ‘Bangalore Startup Marathon’. You never know, it could also be the start to a whole new startup for you!

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