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Want to rent your apartment? Help is at hand.

Congratulations! You are now proud owner of your second apartment. A dream that has come to realization. You were always prudent with the choices you made. The result of which, is in front of you.

Well, now that you have a second home - what is it that you want to do with it, would be the first question right? We are sure you have already figured this all out. But I am sure we still can surprise you with one little piece of information that could make a world of difference to the amount of time you will spend to get your second home earning for you. Sobha Dream Acres, apart from being the largest township ever to be approved by BBMP it is the landmark property of East Bangalore. We have not only ensured you get a property of world class repute, we are also ensuring your investment starts earning for you from day 1.

Here how?
Sobha Dream Acres has tied up with India’s largest online portal for finding and renting homes. **Zenify means reducing the clutter. This is what they strive to do for your rental needs day in and day out to offer you the real feeling of Zen. If you are a home owner or a tenant then, Zenifyis the right partner for you. Zenify's value proposition is twofold.

Provide apartment owners a perfect solution in handling all issues in renting out an apartment. We find the right tenants for you and take care of all logistics.
Make it extremely easy for prospective tenants to find the right apartment for their needs.

For owners, they offer:
Assured rent
End to end property management
Strong tenant screening
For tenants, they offer:
Online bookings
Fair pricing and agreement terms
Quality living

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