Sobha Dream Acres is gearing up to receive its first set of residents. sobha


Sobha Dream Acres is gearing up to receive its first set of residents.

The act of moving in to your dream home is more like a symphony of events which needs to be orchestrated to perfection. From inventory checklist to the packing, the disruption of daily habits, the new neighborhood, the new community… all in all, there’s a lot to deal with.
So, we’ve put together a helpful checklist of places you should notify when you change addresses to keep those bills, checks, magazines and birthday cards coming like clockwork.

  • . Your place of employment
  • . Your financial institution
  • . Your credit card companies
  • . Your utilities, cable, phone and internet providers
  • . Your doctor, dentist, optometrist and other medical professionals you see regularly
  • . Your health insurance company
  • . Your life insurance company
  • . Your car insurance company
  • . Your child’s school
  • . Your child’s doctor, babysitter, music instructor, and others who provide paid services
  • . Your alma mater
  • . Circulation departments of magazines, newspapers and catalogues you subscribe to
  • . Anyone who may need to send you final bills or info about their professional services in your new area
  • . Last but not the least your Friends & family

Particularly for friends and family, a quick Facebook/ WhatsApp message or email blast can let those close to you know you’ve arrived in your new place. Oh Social media, how we love thee.

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