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Newcomers guide to using common amenities

Nuclear families are a relatively new concept in India, but had gathered much pace post circa 2000. The lifestyle and work culture demands most nuclear families to choose relative comfort by staying closer to home and work and therefore residential complexes are an attractive option to these 24X7 families.

Moving in to a residential complex comes with many challenges and one among them is sharing the common areas and amenities. To help you make this transition easier we have compiled a list of etiquettes to using common areas and amenities.

  • 1. Do not over indulge: It is important that you share the facilities with your fellow community members. If you like using a particular facility consider using that for a short period and allow other members to use them as well. If you find someone who enjoys the facility as much as you – say a game of badminton. Try and team up so that you can enjoy the facility together
  • 2. Keeping things shipshape When you’re in a shared space, always keep your area clean. Wiping down gym equipment and picking up your papers at the play area or communal garden could inspire other residents to do the same. Always remember to leave any common area in the condition in which you would like to find it.
  • 3. Watch where you Spit or Smoke If you happen to be a tobacco chewer or a smoker, you may want to consider where you spit or smoke. Try not to spit or smoke in areas that are likely to offend non-smoking residents. Always use a spit bowl if it is available if not kindly ensure you use designated restrooms to do so, and once you use a common facility kindly clean up after yourself. Also make sure you pick up after yourself and never drop cigarette stubs on the ground.
  • 4. Mind your manners Always be courteous around common areas, use appropriate language and avoid cursing. I’m sure you would hate to offend your newfound friends by flexing your foul mouth in front of their children.

While there are many areas which we can highlight, the top four points are a good place to start. With over 29 amenities within Sobha Dream Acres your family and you will never run out of things do and enjoy within Sobha Dream Acres.
Happy Homecoming!

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