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Living with your pet in a community

When we say pets, we often imagine a cute looking dog or a furry feline. But pets come in allshapes and sizes. Having a pet is one thing and knowing how to care for them when living in a communityis another.

Community living is a norm today, with apartments propping up at every corner.It is a prerequisite today for any pet parent to know, how to live well with your pet in a community.

Here are few points that could help you to manage this transition with elan:

  • 1. Know your neighbors well: It is important for you to know how your neighbors feel about having pets around. It is always good to have pet friendly people around you
  • 2. Know your pets well: Like how all humans are not the same; not all pets are alike either. We need to understand the requirements of our pets and ensure they get a conducive environment to grow up in
  • 3. Community of pet's lovers: There are always people who will be hysteric around pets. Whatever the reason learn to respect their feeling. At the same time you will have people within the community who own pets or who love pets, make sure you build a community for your pets as well
  • 4. Pet parent etiquette: Most people enjoy owning pets or playing with them. Moment any pet soils a place they go arrghh! It is important as a pet parent that you need to clean up after your pet and not shy away from this responsibility. Most of the resistance on allowing pets within the community stems from this
  • 5. Pet Care: Chances are that a veterinarian might be living in your block or the next. Always research and keep information on vets and vet hospitals in your vicinity
  • 6. Pet workouts: Like humans even pets need exercise in order to stay healthy and happy. Ensure you give your pets ample exercise daily and when you are exercising your pet within the community please keep them on leash so as not cause anxiety to others

As a responsible pet parent & a community citizen it is your responsibility to ensure there is harmony and not discord between your pet & the community. Plan your pets exercise, get your neighbors to befriend your pet so it builds a bond between your pet and your community members.

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