how to make a brand new house feel like home sobha



Owning a home is a feeling only a person who has recently moved in can describe. The feeling of newness, home smelling of fresh paint & varnish, the new sights & smell of the neighborhood is all a heady concoction that drives a sense of fulfilment and happiness.

For most of us this excitement starts to wane out as we spend more time in our new home, which then starts to feel old.

Here are some quick fire tips to keep your new home feel going:

  • 1. Always inspect your house regularly and thoroughly
  • 2. Clean up the entire house every 3 months
  • 3. Drain the sinks & toilets at least once in 3 months
  • 4. Call in pest control services to spray pest repellant inside your home once in 6 months
  • 5. Do not hoard, please discard anything that isn’t of use
  • 6. Give a thorough clean for all your appliances used on a regular basis bi-weekly
  • 7. Have your linens washed bi-weekly and replace your linens once every 6 months
  • 8. Keep your curtains and furniture upholstery a steam vacuum every two months
  • 9. Keep your wardrobes open for a day every two weeks in order to dehumidify and eliminate build-up of fungi and odor generating bacteria’s
  • 10. Alter furniture’s and move them around to so can make the home look anew very often

Every new home can remain a new home provided you care for it and tend for it. Say cheers to being forever new.

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