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Choose the right appliances for your Dream Home!

Technology today has come a long way in making our life simpler & efficient. The chores that took hours or even days to get done is now getting done in a matter of minutes or even seconds. Through advancement of technology, appliances used today are becoming compact, efficient & smart.

Before getting in to the differences between a True color TV and a 4K TV, let us look at the fundamentals on how to choose the right appliances for your dream home:

  • 1. Take a look at the layout and design of your home. It is important to visualize the appliances like TV or a home theatre system in place. This helps you pick a right appliance that would work well with the overall aesthetics of your home
  • 2. Next you need to fix a budget for all the appliances you are planning to buy. When you actually go shopping you tend to lose track of your budgets given all the fancy offers you get doled out by competing brands. Finalize on your budget before hand and stick to your budget always
  • 3. Now that you are almost at the door getting ready to leave for shopping, it is only correct to read about the products available and the review from other customers who have already brought and are using similar products
  • 4. Once you are particular of a certain brand then you need to choose the right model within the available product range you have shortlisted. Most brands have multiple variants within each product category to meet specific requirements of customers
  • 5. Always keep in mind that you need to choose appliances that not only look good but are easy to maintain and clean
  • 6. Next most important task is to check the energy ratings of every appliance you choose to bring home. This may not seem of much importance right away but when you look at the long term it could turn out to be a big money saver
  • 7. Never settle with one vendor. Always look around for better deals and there is no shame in negotiating on MRP since MRP is not the price at which one has to buy or sell.
  • 8. Warranty/ Guarantee is a key feature of a quality product. Make sure you have been given a warranty/ guarantee card with your purchase. Also check their regular maintenance packages to keep your appliances running smoothly year on year

A right appliance can not only make your life simpler but it has the capacity to raise your quality of living. Take your time to choose the right equipment’s for it matters.

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